Heroes Assemble Campaign

This campaign will combine products and the history of Champions laid out by Hero Games, as well as current events and events from various comic books. NPCs will be drawn from Hero Games, Marvel Comics, DC comics and other material as well as characters created by the GM.

The campaign will take place in Millennium City mostly, but the heroes may also find themselves in Vibron Bay or San Angelo. Cities or material from other publisher maybe used as well. Player’s are welcome to look through the materials being used, just ask the GM.

Current Events
The most notable event currently going on in the campaign, other than various schemes by various villains, is the Mutant Registration Movement. This movement is by several political organization as well as some members of congress. If it were ever turned into a bill it would require all mutants to register with the federal government. Their name and abilities would be kept in a federal database.

Opponents of this idea state that it would lead to discrimination and testing on mutants, they also point out that at the present time only mutants would be required to register aliens or others with superpowers would not. Many famous mutants, and several other super powered individuals have voiced their opinion about such a bill.

Mutant relations in my superhero campaign are a bit complex. The general public opinion of mutants run the normal gambit you would expect. Some like, some hate, most are unsure. The government as a whole is very leery of anyone with super powers due to the threat they represent. There are those in the government that both want to control mutants, seeing them as a tool.

While others simply see them as part of the general public with the same rights as any other citizen. In the private sector there is only one “pro” mutant organization, although the Mutant Liberation Organization exists it’s considered a terrorist group. There are two well known “anti” mutant organizations? There are also various pro and anti mutant advocacy groups. This has caused multiple clashes as well as a hazardous climate for mutants.

The Government
There is only one government agency that is concerned with mutants, Mutant Awareness and Registration or MARs. This agency monitors all known mutants and keeps information on them. This includes known name and aliases, address, place of employments etc.

While this agency does have agents and investigators they do not, necessarily try to find secret identities. They monitor the internet, newspapers and reports from other agencies for the information. The information obtained is then entered into the MARs database. This database has all known mutants in it. Entries are made on a mutant with as much or as little information the agency has. Some entries are strictly the mutants name and his known power.

The agency also encourages mutants to come forward and register with them. This is for the mutant’s safety, or at least this is what they claim. There are several programs that the government has to help mutants who have been discriminated against. As well as obtain jobs, using their powers, both for the government and in the private sector. However, this is only for those who register with the government. This has caused several groups, such as the ACLU and other pro-mutant advocacy groups to protest and file lawsuits against the agency.

The lawsuits not only claim that they are promoting hate and discrimination. They also claim that the agency not only uses the information against mutants but also shares the information with other agencies and groups. They claim state that these groups are both inside and outside the government. The organizations that are most noted are the Knights of Genetic Purity and Institute for Human Advancement. Both these groups are “anti” mutant groups.

Due to the lawsuit, and publicity from it, not as many mutants have come forward as the agency had hope. MARs is doing it’s best to assure the public that the claims are false.
There have been several lawsuits filed under the freedom of information act as well. These suit are requesting all information on mutants, claiming safety concerns. As one might suspect numerous “anti” mutant advocacy groups are behind these suits. These groups take great pleasure in “outing” mutants.

One problem that has plague MARs, is the fact that information has been leaked from their files. Both the IAH and CGP have obtained private information of several different mutants. This has not help boaster mutants trust in MARs.

There are also several individuals within the government that have used or obtained information for their personal use. Some mutants have been or attempted to be blackmailed or threatened as well.

MARs has broken down mutants into 3 types and 3 classifications. While the type of mutants is very defined, the classification is far more of “eye of the beholder” type listings. This has caused an increased hazard to mutants who have the misfortune to have their information stolen.

Type of Mutants
There are three types of mutants, Active, Latent and Dormant.

Active Mutant is exactly what it sounds like. These are mutants whose powers have manifested. While they may or may not have mastered them, their powers are still present.
Latent Mutant is a person whose powers haven’t manifested yet. While most powers manifested during puberty not all do. Some manifest later in life or even not at all. Some powers only manifest when outside forces are encountered. This can be, drugs, electricity, magic, radiation, etc.

Dormant mutants are individuals that carry the mutant gene but have no abilities. These individual will never have any powers or abilities, although their offspring may.

Classifications of Mutants
Mutants, or those who detect as mutants, will be listed in one of four classes. Class 0, Class 1, Class 2 or Class 3

Class 0
Class 0 is those who detect as a mutant but actually are not. These are individuals that for some unknown reason will set off a mutant scanner. Several of these individuals have volunteered for testing to try and find out while this happens but no answer has been found so far.

Several of these individuals have also found themselves at the mercy of various “anti” mutant groups as well. Some have been killed by these groups who mistaken them for true mutants.

Class 1
Class 1 mutants are individual who have very simple mutation. These mutation include, but not limited to, forked tongue, strangely colored hair or skin, multiple or oversized limbs etc. An individual with an extra limb, such as a tail, or some other harmless mutation would be given this classification.

Class 2
This classification is where most mutants’ fall and is a catch all classification. Any individual with a mutant power or ability that is not considered Class 1 or 3 will be listed here. If an individual has several harmless abilities, such as a tail and two arms, they would be elevated to class 2.

Class 3
Class 3 is reserved for the most powerful and dangerous mutants. Unfortunately, there is no set guideline for this classification. So a mutant that can walk through walls could be listed in the same class a mutant that can destroy a tank with beams from their eyes. Mutants that can teleport into a building could be listed in the same class as a powerful mentalist. The decision is up to the investigator and those in charge of entering the information in to the database.

While guidelines are being drafted and redefined regularly, no set detailed guidelines have be created to date. This has not help mutant safety at all. With information being leaked, this has helped to create the dangerous climate mutants find themselves in.

Due to the animosity toward mutants, and several groups out to capture or kill mutants, players may take the physical complication.

Mutant/Detect As A Mutant (10pts)
Social Complication – Frequent (10pts), Major Reaction (+5pts), May Require Detection Technology (-5pts)

War or Covert Operations
Current military actions of the US are currently happening. Players could be asked to assist in certain military actions. Player could be asked to help in covert operations as well.

Heroes Assemble